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Longci District Office: Drive along County Highway No. 182 from Guanmiao toward east for about 10 minutes.

Longci becomes extremely famous recently. Just Google a bit and you will see. Get off from National Highway No. 3 and no need to ask for a direction. Drive along County Highway No. 182 toward Guanmiao in the east. In about ten minutes, when there is bamboo on both side, Longci is right in front of you.



THSR: Get off at the THSR Tainan Station. Take bus route Red 14 or a taxi to Guanmiao. Change to routes Red Line, Red 11, or Red 12.

Driving: On National Highway No. 2, get off from Guanmiao Interchange. Turn to Provincial Highway N. 19A and then to County Highway No. 182. Drive straight on for about 15 minutes to get there.


Bus: Take the Red Line of Tainan City Bus. At Guanmiao, change to route Red 11 or Red 12. Take the bus toward Fuguangshan of Kaohsiung Bus and get off at the Longci District Office stop.


Cycling: Ride along the Nanguan Route on County Highway No. 182. The route links four districts in Tainan City: Rende, Guiren, Guanmiao, and Longci. The route also connects Neimen, Qishan and Tianliao in Kaohsiung. This is a route popular with cyclists.